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Nosh Bag 3.jpg

The Nosh Bag is designed to fit 2 - 4 slices of hay. The webbing spaces are small (1.5 inch square), designed for slow feeding. The Nosh Bag is easy to carry around and does not leave a big mess. There are 2 detachable straps which can be used to secure the bag on various surfaces. The price is R580.00 excluding Postage.

Stallion Door

stallion door.jpg

The Stallion Door is made from strong durable fabric and reinforced with Webbing straps. It is the perfect item for using at shows for horses that need to be kept from hanging out the stable door. It is especially useful for the horse that likes to nip passers-by. The long webbing straps can be wrapped around posts and secured with Velcro to keep the Stallion Door in position. Price R 420-00 excluding Postage.

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